November 30, 2019

Creative Mobile Photography Workshop – Nov 2019

Creative Mobile Photography – Portraiture
Learn The Trending Portraiture Style Using Just Your Mobile Phone

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It’s a wrap! Behind the scene


Updated 12 May 2020

Do you envy the pictures others pose of themselves on social media and you increasing get frustrated with your photographic efforts?

Are you tired of the same old, same old, run-of-the-mill images?

You can now learn the tips and tricks of having your portrait in various moods from serious to glamour to casual to fun and carefree.

Portraits for work, portraits for friends and for family albums.

What are the little-known hacks that you can style and pose for a better portrait?

There are ways to put your look together that propel your personal brand forward. Check out your best photogenic side when posing. Apply disruptive photography for the artistic edge to stand out from the crowd.

Think how fun it is to create special portraits of yourself, your loved ones and even of your pets on a regular basis.

The facilitators will share simple step-by-step art direction, styling and photography techniques.

Join us for a hands-on, experiential workshop where you get to experiment with the various tools and props provided, all conveniently shot from your handy smartphone.

At the end of the workshop, you walk away with cool shots that are for keeps or to upload on Facebook, Instagram and any other popular social media sites.

A collaborative event by: Metacircle International LLP and ThePufferfish Pte Ltd

Facilitated by Della Ng and Sin Kok Wai

Workshop Agenda

● The styling formats so you can get it right the first time;
● Creative use of props without spending $$$ on them;
● Visual storytelling that leaves an impression;
● Smart use of smartphones for photography: after all the best camera is the one in your pocket;
● Basic framing, composition, and ambient lighting tips that make your photos stand out from the noobs;
● Editing image and readiness to share on social media, all with your handy mobile, not desktop!


Workshop Objectives

● Ideas and examples for inspiration;
● Rare opportunity to muck around and have fun experimenting;
● Explore various locations for a shoot;
● Professional guidance and feedback during practical sessions;
● Assisted photoshoot, images ready to use;
● One follow through post-course visual audit.


What to Prepare

What To Bring

● Your cheerful, creative self;
● Selected presentable attire that best represents you that you may want to use for the shoot.
● Your smartphone with sufficient memory space, a fully charged battery and bring additional power bank, for just in case situations.


What To Wear

● Your favourite attire
● Preferably come with covered-toe footwear for safety reasons

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