May 12, 2020

Online Workshop Google Photos editing app – 6 May 2020

Free photo editing app that organises photos too? Quick hacks on photo editing using Google Photos! (Exclusive workshop for KSP trainers)


It’s a wrap! Behind the scene

KSP trainers, Google Photos Editing workshop

Trainers from KSP getting useful hacks on how to solve 3 typical photo problems.

Have you made good use of Google Photos as your free photo editing app?

For some, it’s their first time using Google Photos to organise and edit photos.


Google Photos Editing workshop, WhatsApp testimony, 1minphotog, 1minutephotographer

Happy to know I went more layman and photo geek 😀

Updated 12 May 2020


Free, almost everyone likes free, especially when it comes to apps.
Free and GOOD apps for photo editing, WITHOUT ads!

This workshop, Kok Wai will share his experience with Google Photo editing module.

If you have a Gmail, you have a Google account. Then you will have access to this FREE PHOTO editing function.


For who: Non-Pro Photog

This is a basic editing app which can solve typical photo problems like: lost of details in the shadow, too many glaring whites, awful skin colour, dull and lifeless photos.

As a professional, not internet, photographer since 2005, I had the luxury to learn and use various photo editing software, from Picmonkey, ACDSee, Portraiture, Lightroom, Photoshop, and a handful of photo editing mobile apps, such as Photo Director and Snapseed.

Who knows there really is free photo editing software that contains NO ADS!? There’s always a situation when we just want a quick and REALLY accessible app to do some quick editing before going to social.


Workshop Agenda

  • Knowing that free apps can work too
  • Google Photos simple workflow
  • Editing Limitations
  • Photography lighting Basics
  • Hands-on and Q&A


Workshop Objectives

  1. To experience and learn some quick editing hacks using Google Photos


What to Prepare

  1. A Google Account
  2. Access to your Google Photos
  3. Some less-than-perfect exposed photos


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