April 27, 2020

Online Workshop Lighting Tips For WFH VideoCall – 30 Apr 2020

How to look decent in a WFH Video Call? Quick tips on lighting basics to look better on a video call


It’s a wrap! Behind the scene

Lighting for WFH, Before Class, 1minphotog, 1minutephotographer

Attendees before the lighting class

Lighting for WFH, After Class, 1minphotog, 1minutephotographer

Attendees after the lighting class


Lighting for WFH, Facebook testimony, 1minphotog, 1minutephotographer

Thankful for the attendees 🙂

Updated 12 May 2020


Alright, many of us may be in this WFH for some time. And who knows how our working style may change from here on?

It could be your first try on a video call, and so far you are not so satisfied with how are you being presented on the screen. And that’s after you have switched on all the lights or even dolled up for the call.

Or you are getting comfortable, but feel that that the image quality can be a little better.

Besides having a decent lens, webcam or mobile camera, one thing I’ve noticed as a photographer is that many have missed out on the light source.

Not just switching on the ceiling light or have a bright window light.

But how it is positioned, modified or even manipulated so the light can present you in a better, erm, light!

As a professional, not internet, photographer since 2005, I had the luxury to learn and use various light sources, from ambient to professional lighting, to improvised lighting source.

Who knows this photography skill can be handy for a video call? And with some interest from friends, I’ve decided to take some time to share some simple tips.

As a first trial run, please be patient with me and let’s have a fun time!

Workshop Agenda

  • Lighting Basics
  • Available Tools
  • Three basic setups
  • Q&A, if time permits

Workshop Objectives

  1. So you may look even better and outstanding in a video call and online workshop.
  2. I may get valuable feedback from you for my subsequent workshops and talks.

What to Prepare

  1. Portable table lamp, floor lamp, mobile light. (you’ll be moving them around)
  2. A3 size or bigger whiteboard/ card
  3. Day curtain. Bring yourself next to it for this workshop.
  4. White cloth, kitchen paper towel (because it’s larger than tissue paper)


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