About the 1 Minute Photographer

Yup that’s what 1minphotog is.

One Minute Photographer.


Why ‘photog’ ?

Back then when I was freelancing for a local media magazine publisher, I heard the phrase ‘photog’.

I thought that’s a rude way to call a photographer.

Aeons later, after diving into the world of web design and marketing, it is more important what’s catchy for the end-user or client.

So there we go, photog.


Why 1 Minute ?

For the past 5+ years, I’ve been more involved in training school teens and adults photography.

While photography is an exciting skill, the technicality can be a bore.

So far I can almost count on my hand, the number of people who asked me any technical questions.

Just tell me how to get it done already!

They didn’t say that, but from the palm-on-chin poses I see during classes, I know I better stop explaining the relationship between aperture and shutter speed, plus how ISO can affect the exposure.

See? You are dozing off too!

So now, I try my best to make each photo skill as easy as possible.

One minute is easy on the ear and I do hope I can instruct each photo skill within one minute.




My name is Kok Wai and I really like photography since Primary 5 or 6. I did some free gigs during my school days and also shot for the school’s editorial board.

Fast forward one or 2 decades, photography became my profession for another 10+ years.

I am a registered trainer/Instructor with the Ministry of Education since Aug 2014

I prepare lesson plan & activities based on the target audience.

My style is to make learning beyond a download of technical skills. Because you can Google them easily!

Learn photography from a couple of hours to an epic 25-hr program!

Training CV, sort of.



Kingston Int’l School 2016
• Profession Photography Talk

MHC (Make Health Connect) 2014
• How to look better in portrait

BNI 2006 – 2012
• Various photography topics


Workshops (adults)

1. Pufferfish Studio ’08
• Basic photography
• Professional Look with Compact Camera

2. Singapore Prison Service ’18
Portrait Photography

3. Style-Shoot-Send Workshop ’18-’19
Styling, shooting and editing of products for social media

4. Mobile Portrait Workshop ’19
Creative portrait photography with a mobile phone.

5. Walk-and-Shoot, Introvertsnetwork Asia ’19
Nature-themed walk-and-shoot at Coney Island using a mobile phone.

CCA Photography Program

Commonwealth Sec Sch ’18-’19
Kent Ridge Sec Sch ’18-‘2020 (paused due to COVID19)

Short Photography Course

Boon Lay Gardens Pri Sch ’17-’18
• 10-hr iPad Photography

Bartley Sch Sch ’17
• 9-hr iPad Video

Geylang Methodist Sec ’17
• 12-hr Portrait Studio

Spectra Sec ’17
• 6-hr Event & Sports

Woodgrove Sec ’17
• 18-hr Editorial + Lightroom

Crest Sec Sch ’17
• 16-hr Portrait and Photoshop

Bartley Sec ’17
• 18-hr iPad photography and Photoshop

Boon Lay Garden Pri Sch ’16
• 10-hour iPad photography

Bukit Panjang Government High Sch ’16
• 8-hour DSLR Photography

Ahmad Ibrahim Sec Sch ’16
• 25-hour film production

East Coast Pri Sch ’16
• 15-hour Digital Video (9 classes)

Northbrooks Sec Sch ’16
• 20-hour Digital Video

Innova JC ’15
• 4-hr Basic DSLR Photography

Broadrick Sec Sch ’15
• 10-day Basic Photography

Sengkang Sec Sch ’15
• 2-Day Basic Photography

Blangah Rise Pri Sch ’15
• 4-day Basic Photography

Bukit Panjang Government High Sch ’14
• 3-day Basic Photography

Mayflower Pri Sch ’11, ’18
• 3-day Basic Photography